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Payment Options

Flexibility is key

Flexibility in managing your finances while studying can improve your chance of success in your course. At Everthought College of Construction, we offer a range of payment options that will suit your financial situation. Speak to us about the many different ways we can facilitate course payment including by month, by term, or pay upfront to receive a discount on your total course fees.

High Level Monthly Payment plan layout (International)

Course  Total cost  Deposit amount Number of Terms Number of Months Monthly Instalment amount By Term Instalment Amount
Cert III Carp Brisbane  $22,000.00  $2,750.00 8 23 $836.96 $2,750.00
Cert III WFT Brisbane  $25,500.00  $3,188.00 8 23 $970.09 $3,187.50
Cert IV  $13,500.00  $3,375.00 4 11 $920.45 $3,375.00
Diploma  $19,000.00  $2,375.00 8 23 $722.83 $2,375.00
Cert III Perth  $28,950.00  $3,619.00 8 23 $1,101.35 $3,618.75

NB: the deposit amount can be broken into CoE payment of $1000 and then the rest of the deposit paid up front before start of course and then into monthly instalment payments from here.